"Bana göre bu elbise güzel değil."

Translation:In my opinion this dress is not beautiful.

April 29, 2015

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Is there any difference between "bana göre" and "bence"?


Nope, they're the same thing. The -ce version doesn't work for the 3rd person, though, so you actually have to use the -e göre form for "he/she/they".

Bence = Bana göre

Sence = Sana göre

Ona göre

Bizce = Bize göre

Sizce = Size göre

Onlara göre

Note that "onca" and "onlarca" exist, but they mean "so many" and "tens of…" respectively.


Thanks for taking time to answer all the questions in depth.


I had same question, so thanks so much!


As to me and to me is same in english? (Sorry for maybe not apropriate question)


"as to me" is (as far as I can come up in my native speaker head), not really ever used. :)


What is the different between Clothes Dress??


Good question! If you say "a dress," you mean a woman's one-piece garment. "She wanted to wear a dress, but it was too cold outside." "Clothes" refers to garments in general. "Will your clothes fit in that small suitcase?" Look up "Ladies dresses" on a store's website to see examples. Unfortunately for learners of English, there is another meaning of "dress." The word is occasionally used to describe what you should wear (how you dress) for a gathering. And invitation might say, "You are invited to a reception honoring the president of the company. Dress is semi-formal." This means men and women should dress in good clothes--men in business suits and women in nice dresses. "You are invited to a bon voyage party for Tom. Dress is casual." The invitees do not need to dress fancy! Note that in those examples, there is no article "the" or "a" before "dress." When you are referring to the ladies' garment, you say "a dress" or "the dress."


Is this literally something like "To my sight" with the same root as görusürüz?


I would also like to know. It's a good memory aid, if nothing else.


If one wants to say: "In my opinion, these clothes are not beautiful", what would be the propper Turkish construction?


Shamshoomi, i think it would be: "bana göre/bence bu elbiseler güzel degil".


( In my opinion this clothes is not beautiful. ) why it is wrong? i mean is there a specific places to use ( elbise ) as a dress and as a clothes on the other places :'(


Your sentence was likely rejected because clothes are plural in English: these clothes are not beautiful :)

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