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Figured out how to get Words (Sorta)

Hej alle,

Other languages have a Words tab, and I know that some people learning Danish want access to the words that they've learned so far. Till the guys running Duolingo get the words tab running, I have a solution to create an excel file of the words you've encountered.

Requires: Google Chrome and Excel (on Windows, my Mac copy of Excel doesn't have the find all function)

1) Download the 'Duolingo Vocabulary Manager' from the Google Chrome store. Click 'add to chrome' and it should appear up on your bar.

2) Go to the Duolingo mainpage, and click the Duolingo Vocabulary Manager' button. Then click the 'Update Vocab' button and stay on the Duolingo mainpage and it should create a list.

3) Click 'View Vocab' in Duolingo Vocabulary Manager Ctrl or Command-A and copy (Ctrl or Command C)

4) Open up Excel and paste your clipboard. (Ctrl-C or Command-C)

5) I get a lot of rows with <sf>, which is a tad annoying and makes it difficult to count the number of words that I've learnt. Use the solution on the 2nd website that I link to remove the rows with <sf>.

6) You're done, you should have now an excel file with the words that you've learned on Duolingo. In the future, if you want to update the excel file with new words, just go through these steps again, I guess.

Hej hej, Teek

Links https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/duolingo-vocabulary-manag/mglmcjokbicehcaojghjmhfjnaooffcd?hl=en


April 29, 2015


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