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The Yiddish Course Has Made Progress, & Other Things

I just finished doing my daily ritual of checking the incubator and seeing the progess of all the languages, when I saw something that was a very beautiful sight on the Yiddish page....

The date has changed to September 3, 2175, indicating that progress has been made with the Yiddish course!

I'm not gonna lie, I was so excited I ran a lap around my house. This is probably the course I'm most looking forward to, and after a while of anticipation, work has started!

So to celebrate this little victory, I'll leave some links here of online Yiddish resources to share with everyone:




http://www.yiddishbookcenter.org/online-courses (I believe one of the Yiddish contributors, asya.000, is associated with the Yiddish Book Center)

http://www.pass.to/glossary/Default.htm (These are some fun words and phrases, like that in the sitcom 'The Nanny', but also has some sentences)

Thank you to @refoyl , @skilja , and @asya.000 for all their hard work on the course, and I can't wait for its release! Hope you guys that are learning Yiddish (or just dabbling) find the links useful. Happy learning!

Update: My grandfather is excited too.

April 30, 2015



Not only progress, but there is now also an update message explaining some of what they have been doing: http://incubator.duolingo.com/courses/yi/en/status



Does your grandfather speak Yiddish?


His parents did, but he speaks a lot of German! He wants to learn it for them.


That is awesome to hear!!! :) ^_^ (I go crazy with emoticons)


Ha, I thought you made a mistake with that date and went to check for myself - nope, no mistake!

At least the contributors have a sense of humour; truth or not, that is funny!


The contributors don't set the date, it's generated automatically.


Very cool! I notice the banner that your grandfather is holding has what I think is the Yiddish flag? Do you think Duo will update the egg in the incubator to the Yiddish flag? Surely at least when they graduate it they will have something for it's emblem/flag that is not so generic. C'mon team Yiddish!! you can do it!!


Yea we saw the flag mentioned in the forums a few months ago. Our bet is that they will use this flag, since team Hebrew has the one with the Star of David.


Oh, your granddad is adorable <3


Спасибо :)


Пожалуйста :)


Awwww he's so adorable!! I can't wait until they finish the Yiddish course, I want to bring it back into my family. My Bubbie spoke it, but she passed away a few years ago before I could ask her to teach me. I hope it's finished soon!


That is AWESOME to hear! I keep telling all the Yiddish wanting learners to get into the German course first because German & Yiddish are so similar!!! I feel that me learning German is my FIRST STEP to learning Yiddish!


Very true! German will definitely kickstart a learner's Yiddish studies.

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