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Duo Stuffed Toy

So I was just stalking/lurking around Instagram and Twitter then I found these:

I think these are for the Duolingo Team [?]

Look at the table I think these were sold to Harvard Students [?]

April 30, 2015



One just arrived in the mail. Not sure what I did to deserve this, but thank you very much, Duolingo.


Do you just need to have a 4-and-half-year streak?


Approaching six years now.


What did you do? I need one!


I didn't do anything. These things just turn up. Here's Duo with the mascot from my enery supplier, Octopus, who also arrived unsolicited. A very cuddly pair they make too.


Don't lie. If you didn't do anything, how do they get your address?


My energy supplier knows my address because they are my energy supplier. Duolingo knows my address because I went to Duocon in London last year.


Faizal: the plushie arrived unsolicited around four months after Duocon. It was a brilliant event incidentally, and highly recommended should such things ever be possible again.


So you went to Duocon. Not that you didn't do anything


lol i saw that they sent you one and got slightly disturbed at how duolingo knew your address. then i saw this reply and was very relieved


they are so cute! I wonder if they are on ebay


I don't want a Duo plush toy. I want that dog!


Ask KristineMC for the dog.


I now want these much, much more than I expected to before I clicked on the link.

I may need to apply to Harvard now.


They were probably free for job applicants or student who visited the table to ask questions.


Lucky Harvard students, I wanna Duo plushie, too! :(


If this gets many upvotes and comments, do you think the staff with add the Duo plushie to the store?!? :) :) :)


I think so. I posted this so that the staff will be like "They've found it, they'll have it"


I need one of those!


it should be purchasable using like 5000 lingots too.


I also would like to buy one! Who fills in the market?


I need a Duo plush on my desk in work. What a great conversation starter it would be too!


If I had known those were there, I would have donned my "Hahvahd makes ya smahtah." shirt and taken the T over to Harvard Square. A plush Duo would definitely be worth sneaking in for.


No way these were sold. They're hiring for programmers. That is DEFINITELY swag!


These Duo stuffies are adorable!


They definitely need to go in the merch section!


I would buy one of those in a heartbeat.


I want a Duo plush toy too


I'll remind myself to study incredibly hard for the SATs so I can go to Harvard and get one of these. ;P


I know this is a joke, but if you really want it (and have a bit of extra cash) you could commission a custom Duo plush.


It just seems cool- it's not something that I really want :P I wouldn't apply to a different university for a plush, haha. I think that making money off of a copyrighted character (like making a plush of Duo) without permission could lead to serious copyright issues, though.


I'm sure that you could make one for yourself without problems... but I couldn't design Duo gear for Zazzle without their permission... or I'm sure I'd get a notice from them saying that Duolingo had complained and took down my work.


Agreed- when I said that, I meant distributing them without permission would lead to copyright issues. Sorry for any confusion :)


There're plushies at the store I work at that look somewhat like Duo, I've been meaning to take pictures.

All, no one is going to bat an eye at one commission, however, if someone was making dozens of commissions off one character, or mass producing it, then someone would get angry.


I want one too, but how? I have decided to crochet just one, just for me. No one can complain about copyright if he stays by my side, blinking wisely, spurring me onward, doing his little tap dance every now and then, can they? He will be my little green buddy that only my yellow budgie and I will know about!


Did you manage to make one? Did yo make a pattern you'd be willing to share? I need a Duo


Yes I have mine! No pattern needed. This is what I did: very simple basic crochet in green rug wool (could use any yarn that looks good and could of course be knitted). Roughly longish rectangular shape. Folded, stitched and stuffed fat. Yellow / orange beak & feet (to sort of match yellow budgie). The eyes are big black beads stitched on. So far he only has a rope scarf with green & yellow stripes but intend to add to his wardrobe with not sure what yet...? Daft expression :) Good luck! Edit: forgot to mention his wings which are crocheted flat triangle shapes sewn on at the top, rest hanging free for him to flap when he feels like it.


What is the price in shiny, mint-condition lingots?


Ooh, why don't the start something like "trade in 1,000 lingots for a plus Duo." that would give me incentive!




5th'ed! An 6th'ed, and 7th'ed! ('cause I'm buying 3)


Aww, they look cute. I want one!


I want one so bad!


how do I buy one of these plush owls?


Those are very cute!


Can it have leis, sandals and sunglasses?


I need a Duolingo owl for my room. How cute!


Cute, but the dog doesn't look very happy about wearing that shirt.


OK, so how many lingots for a stuffed owl? For a t-shirt? For a personalized owl with your various language flags? I can finally see a use for my languishing lingots!


Physical items cost money, the only (cost effective) method of using lingots for these items would be - Coupons/discounts - Buying designs that you can then put on t-shirts (or posters or whatever) - Plushie pattern so you can buy the material to make your own Duo plushie (example: https://www.google.com/search?q=plushie+patterns&es_sm=93&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=2xhFVYbQBojCggS65oEw&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAg&biw=1777&bih=861&dpr=0.9)


where can i get one???


This is too cute to handle!

[deactivated user]


    I wanna Duo plushie!!


    EEEEEEEEEEEKKK!!! So cuteeee!!! I wonder what breed that dog is. Maybe a Maltese or a Maltese mix maybe.


    if anybody's wondering where you can get one, the only way you can get one is joining duolingo's facebook live events, all you have to do is send them your duolingo username in the live chat, a winner will be chosen at random every week, the winner will be sent an email and after you put in your address, it will take around 2-4 weeks to arrive! PS, if you cant find the email, check the spam box, that happend to me!


    I should get one:>

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