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Progress/XP bar gone when I set a daily goal.

Hello, while on duolingo, you would usually have a "XP bar" that shows how much XP I have earned, and how soon until you 'Level up'. But since I have put a "Daily goal" on, for however many XP per day, the XP bar has dissapeared! I have not been able to 'Level up' anymore, and I am stuck on the level 8. I do not like the Daily goal, and would like to get rid of it, and continue using the progress/XP bar. Can you please help me to get it back! Thank you very much, Regards, Emily_Ruth02

April 30, 2015



The disappearance of the XP bar doesn't actually stop your leveling up. As this depends on XPs and you are still earning XPs. But, as you are not able to see the XPs, you may feel you have stopped leveling up. The number of XPs needed to level up gradually increases as one reaches higher levels. You can take a look at the requisite XPs for different levels in the wiki page http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/XP

As part of an ongoing test some users (including me) can see this information on the profile page. For you I see the below information.

French - Level 8
Next level: 48 XP
Total XP: 1602 XP

Dutch - Level 3
Next level: 75 XP
Total XP: 125 XP

You can check if you are able to see this information on the profile page. If not, and you want to see the information, you can use one of the many available user scripts.


Thank you so much! this helped greatly, and also, thanks for showing me my XP and levels! ;-) I thought that I was not leveling up anymore now that I have put on a daily goal, but you have shown me otherwise! Thanks! Emily_Ruth02


Duolingo changed to the daily goal. There is a userscript for this purpose: http://duolingo.wikia.com/wiki/Duolingo_Userscripts


Thank you very much! this helped! ;-)

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