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"Avisdrengen mistede vinglasset sin rute."

Translation:The paperboy lost the wine glass on his route.

April 30, 2015



Why was the newspaper drinking wine while riding


Watch him blame it on the bear!


I was a paperboy for five years growing up and never once did i lose my wine glass - that's a rookie mistake! lol

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It probably was one of those free gifts from the paper. Get a free glass with every subscription!


Are paper routes that stressful in Denmark?


Au contraire, han hyggede sig med et glas vin på sin avistur.


No. It was riding past the pools where the sharks were eating the dolphins while dodging the ninja penguins that stressed him out. "I'm sorry the paper fell in the pool again. Please don't make me get the paper out of the swimming pool mister!"


Don't drink and drive kids.


The kid sounds like a serious alcoholic.


Maybe he had just received a glass of wine as a tip. cheers!


Kan "på sin route" ikke oversættes med "on his way"?

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No, that translation is too broad. When you use "route"/"rute", it is clear that he was delivering newspapers when he lost the glass. If you would use "way", you might mean that he was going towards his employment, or coming back from delivering, ... .


I think, "on his tour" is clear. Why was that not accepted??


The paperboy lost the wine glass on his round should be accepted. A paper boy or girl does a paper round.


The beauty of Duo, if you want to be positive, is that it teaches you things by mistake. Presumably the person who wrote the English translations is not a native speaker, which is mistake number one. Professional translators should only ever translate into their mother tongue, not out of it. No matter how good their knowledge of another language is, they will still make subtle mistakes. I've seen it time and time again in my work. Here the mistake is not very subtle. A paperboy does a 'round' in English, but does a 'rute' in Danish, the basic translation for which is....'route'. It looks like a classic example of Source L word gives two Target L translations. However, the Danish Dictionary doesn't give this meaning, so I am left wondering... https://ordnet.dk/ddo_en/dict?query=rute


Am I right in thinking grown men deliver papers from cars in Denmark? So, 'paperboy' as a translation will in some cases be highly misleading.


Calm down. It was the girl that cooks with fruit juice.

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