German speaker

I am at Places in German and recently the speaker has switched from a woman to a man and it appears to become simpler with only words for a large part of the lesson. Have others experienced this? I find it less helpful in learning.

April 30, 2015


Yeah, the man's voice is a test and I really hope they don't get rid of the woman's voice, at least entirely, because the man's can be hard to understand. I'm about 4 skills behind you and I have noticed a lot of short lessons with mostly vocabulary, while others have very long, confusing sentences. I consider it somewhat unbalanced and agree it isn't helpful.

Good to know I have not done something inadvertently to change the format. I repeat him often. I repeated some early lessons and they had reverted to him as well. I have notified them so hope the feedback helps. Thanks for your response.

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