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Suggestion: Lingot use

I seem to be accumulating quite a few Lingots and I was thinking perhaps Duolingo needs some more Lingot sinks :D

How about:

Use Lingots to buy graphics, themes/backgrounds and accessories to personalise your Profile and Avatar?

Use Lingots to buy themed vocabulary packs (funny, offbeat and non-essential) eg. Monty Python phrases, Star Trek vocabulary, common MMO phrases etc.

(Please add more suggestions if you have them!)

September 18, 2013



I'd like to use Lingots to feed the owl. Then the owl would purr (or whatever owls do) and flutter with it's wings and if I care for it well it would lay an egg and I get another owl. Or a platypus. Or a surprise gift.


Haha this is a wonderful idea!! I would enjoy feeding Lingots to the owl, Language Learning combined with a virtual pet site! :D :D The owl will need a lingot now and then to stay happy and healthy, and by feeding him up you can advance her/him into a more developed Owlie that can... audibly hoot! Dive! Yes and lay an egg! Then the possibilities are endless.


Yeah, and more: you can raise a whole army of the owls and occupy the world and make your own rules (maybe just choose from possibilities). ^_^


OMG that was soooo long ago! :) My husband currently reads this to our kids ;)


Mini-games would be nice too. Hangman, boggle, etc.


Interesting. Likely it should put 3 rounds of the game you choose and you are going to have to do it in your learning language.


I don't want to have to "buy" content, but I think the things we CAN buy should be functional. For example, lists of fixed expressions (which we do learn anyway, but not in any specific structure), or common slang phrases!


I want to use my lingots to buy kumquats. I realize that this may not be practical, however.


It may not be practical, but it is poetic :)


I like that lingots are currently used to buy "power-ups" rather than actual content. IMO the content shouldn't have to be purchased.

With that in mind, I would love to be able to spend a few lingots on an extra ten seconds during timed practice!


I think it would be great though if you can use lingots for additional features. You earn quite some lingots while moving down your skill tree. It would be fun if you can then use these for more advanced features. As suggested above additional games or vocabulary lists.


I would like to have a possibility to give some of my lingots to one of my friends.


this is bad we can't see our friend's lingot, right?


And maybe buy (for very-very big amount of lingots) a fourth attempt to shortcut.


If there will be a chatroom, I propose you have to pay for the use with lingots (one for 10 minutes or something) to reduce the amount of spam by those school kiddies. Or to encourage them to earn some lingots first...


I think it would be fun to buy "gifts" for friends

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