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  5. "He comes soon."

"He comes soon."

Translation:Ele vem logo.

September 18, 2013



soon also is "em breve" ? What's the difference then between em breve and logo ?


They are interchangeable.


Can chiega be used here or is that strictly for arrive


I think words should be accepted when it has the same idea, not only when they match literally. For me, it works all right, but I'm not sure Duo would accept it.


Paul thank you so much for always taking the time out of your life to help me in my quest for knowledge and understanding. I want to let you know that i see EVERY comment you leave me and sometimes i cannot reply my thanks because i use strictly the app and it doesnt give you notifications but i made an extra effort to log on my pc and express my gratitude i truly appreciate your help and if theres ever anything i could do dont hesitate becausw after portugues i plan to move on to french so i presume ill b seeking your help for quite some time


What about "ele vem cedo"?


He comes early

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