"I read a book every night."

Translation:Ben her gece kitap okurum.

April 30, 2015

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Duolingo appears to have abandoned the Turkish modules. The most recent posts by Moderators are 3 years old.

Same question here: why is “ben her gece BİR kitap okurum” not accepted.


Here's the answer from my Turkish daughter-in-law... 'Ben her gece bir kitap okurum' actually means you read a different book every night. You finish one book every night. Without the bir in the sentence it could be that or (and more likely in real life!) it could just mean that you read some of any book every night. Having the bir in there makes it have a very specific meaning and so is not really the correct translation.


I think the same and tried to report it but was told that the moderators are all volunteers and that they have indeed moved onto other modules. All we're left with now is peer support which can be good but isn't always available. (I also have the same question. I'll try and find an answer elsewhere - and probably post it here in a couple of hours.)


A former moderator, here. Some of us are still hanging around. Bir kitap is also correct. If it's not accepted, then it's just a missing alternative. Don't sweat it. Just know that it's correct as well. Bir is completely optional. Up to you.



Why "kitap her gece okurum" is wrong?


why is "her gece bir kitap okuyorum" wrong?


Not quite certain as I am still learning in a relative early stage, but I'd say the "doing this now" aspect of "okuyorum" contradicts the "every day", so it has to be "okur".


I don't know the correct answer to @mohammed981643's question, but @JrgenZIrak the verb needs to be in the present continuous tense to indicate the ongoing habit.


I wrote: her gece ben kitap okurum. Is this also right or not?


Why not "Ben her gece bir kitap okurum"?


See my answer to Ernieinpilot above.

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