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  5. "Yo incremento la comida."


"Yo incremento la comida."

December 23, 2012



I'm no native english speaker, can somebody explain to me in other words, what "I increase the food" means? Thank you


It doesn't really make any sense in English. Maybe it would be better to translate it as "I increase the amount of food"?


I wouldn't say it doesn't make sense, I can understand what they mean with the sentence, it's just not natural whatsoever. Neither in English nor in Spanish.


It needs "the amount" in the sentence. I increase the amount of food.


I'm not saying it doesn't, I'm saying that it is still understandable. Something that makes no sense is not understandable by any means. People around here tend to exaggerate things.


Oh, definitely understandable.

People around here tend to exaggerate things.

Ha ha, nearly every comment I see like that is from a native English speaker. I have no clue why.


It doesn't make any sense to a native English speaker. Duolingo should probably take a look at this and alter it or something...


i increase the food has no meaning at all, Duolingo you should change this sentence in something understandable.


"Please keep this discussion about language issues only. To report any kind of problem or mistake, close this discussion and use the Report a Problem button."


obviously people prefer to report mistakes here. As a web developer myself, I think it's best to not fight the user. my two cents.


Even though I do think they pay attention to the forums, things tend to get fixed a lot faster when reported. I have a habit of doing both, though, reporting it and mentioning it in the forums so that either other people can be warned by my mistake or so that other people can tell me why my correction is not a good one. I find that posting in the forum is a great learning opportunity.


How would one "increase" food?


By miraculous means?

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does this mean, like grow or raise? like "I grow crops" or "I raise sheep"?

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