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"Evrim bilimsel bir gerçektir."

Translation:Evolution is a scientific fact.

April 30, 2015



i came here expecting to see more hate. MAJOR disappointment


I think off-topic discussion about evolution should not be allowed. This forum is to discuss the Turkish language.


In scientific paragidms, the term is either Theory or Hypothesis. "Scientific Fact" is a more of an everyday term, a sciencist or biologist in this case is not like to use it.


Obviously not everyone has the slightest clue about Philosophy of Science and the hierarchy in the scientific method... It's such a shame, we need to integrate that into each and every nation's highschool curriculums. It's a problem that's doing more harm than benefits, we basically are empowering and encouraging dogmatic thinking. A lot of academics are complaining of younglings defending ideas they don't even have the slightest ideas about and denouncing anyone who disagrees a specific "Paradigm" whatever it was.


What's the form of the word "bilimsel"? Can you break it down for me?


Bilim: science
-sel: suffix to turn a word into an adjective


Can this suffix be used to any noun to turn them into adjectives?


There are a lot of adjectival suffixes. Somewhere in duolingo forums someone posted a mnemonic sentence formed with all of these suffixes, 'my mother turns graves' or something like that. When I come across it I will try to remember and post it here.
For a list of the suffixes see https://www.turkishexplained.com/wordbanana.htm


I wrote that comment but unfortunately I do not remember where was it.

The mnemonic code sentence: "An-ası mez-ar dik-ecek-miş." (His mother will plant a grave.). Those suffixes are used to produce new adjectives out of verbs.


I have done some research and put the result in a comment. Maybe you can check it out and correct me if I'm wrong.


@Hapzelschnapper I can't reply your comment due to technical restrictions. (I guess we have reached the limit.)

I really appreciate your work in there. That's a beautiful sum up for this topic. And I also liked hiperintens's comment below your comment.


As it is mentioned in the above comment. We call this topic as sıfat-fiil. (suffixes that are used to produce new adjectives out of verbs.)

There are also isim-fiil (suffixes that are used to produce new nouns out of verbs) and zarf-fiil (suffixes that are used to produce new adverbs out of verbs.)

I have found an image which shows these suffixes.


Thanks Ali, have a couple of lingots a as token of my gratitude.
I've corrected the post I wrote.

Turkish is a tricky business, but I love it. Thanks for the help!


@Hapzelschnapper My pleasure. Turkish is my mother language but sometimes I also have difficulties in explaining the grammar. :)


bil-mek = to know (verb),

bil-im = science (noun),

bilim-sel = scientific (adjective)


Does this mean evolution in the general sense of development, or in the specific sense of Darwinistic evolution?


this is the science section so im guessing it's about darwinistic evolution


Is it? I thought is was more scientifically correct to say it's a theory? This is a science question, not about Turkish haha


It's a coherent theory with evidence though. Gravity is just a theory too. Before scientists discovered theories of gravity, gravity already existed. But you can have different theories of gravity, Einstein or Newton. You can have different theories about evolution too, but scientific theories are not just blind speculation. The word theory doesn't mean it's unproven. Some theories can be proven, like Einstein's theory of relativity is proven to be correct.


You gotta read more about physics sir, before making assertions. Einstein's theory of General relativity can't be true... It's the best explanation we have yet, that's why scientists are working on Quantum Gravity... That's what all the people here are trying to say, science will always change, there's a term coined by famous science historian (Thomas Kuhn) known as " Paradigm shifts". There's always a paradigm shift, and no matter how sure we are, we shall never be dogmatic and narrow minded and more importantly illogical and arbitrary... because that's exactly how science was always halted!


The message of Steven Jay Gould continues to reverberate long after his death in 2002; that is what he used to assert all the time in his column, "This View of Life" in Natural History magazine.


Says who? Riçert Doğukins? lmao XD


There are no facts in science. The highest level is a theory, and there is always a possibility of a change in theory with more data.


Back to Turkish, I hear bilimisal in the audio


It's actually how bilimsel is pronounced. El, en and em are pronounced with the vowel [æ] in closed syllables.


Duolingo comment forum is the least likely place i thought where id learn about evolution


"Evrim bir teoridir" daha iyi olacak.


Evrim teorisinin bilimsel bir gerçek olduğunu kabul edemez misin?


An administrator is needed here to remind some people that Duolingo is a language platform.


Yeah, also to make you learn about subjects and sentences that are useful in everyday dialogues and situations... I'm sorry to burst a bubble, but Turkey is not renowned for its tolerance toward scientific topics, especially controversial ones... This is not me talking by the way, read Jerry A Coyne's introduction in his book "Why Evolution is True" and what he has to say about Turkey in that regards... So why would Duo teach people about a topic that will surely without any doubt get them into trouble?! It's supposed to teach them what is essentially beneficial to bridge the gaps between them and the locals? Not the opposite.

Edit: By the way, this is not in anyway meant to slander or vilify Turkey, it's just to put things in perspective..

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