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"Gazeteci yolsuzluk hakkında makale yazıyor."

Translation:The journalist is writing an article about corruption.

April 30, 2015



This appeared in the science lesson. Does "yolsuzluk" apply to science? For example if a scientist falsifies data to try to advance their career is that "yolsuzluk"?


I think this sentence here because of the word "makale". Besides that, there are also all those social sciences where you can actually consider corruption as a subject of scientific study, I guess.


that's rather sahtekarlık, yolsuzluk is not used in science. As Emel said "makale" is taught in the "science" skill, that's why it is there


I'm not certain about the exact nuances of the word in Turkish, but the word itself simply means 'not having a road'. Yol road, suz not have, luk adj. modifier(?).


Not really, as a native speaker; can confirm that "yolsuzluk" actually means abuse of power or authority. But yes, if you translate it word by word that's correct but we are not talking of it's literal meaning. It was used as a figurative expression here, in short it is metaphoric.


can't be orherwise


Why is it not 'bir makale'? Or vice versa, why is the translation not 'writing articles'?


The emphasis on singular vs. plural is not important here. The main thrust of the sentence is writing about corruption, therefore the sentence simply doesn't need to make the distinction. You can do this in Turkish, not in English.


I have no idea why bir makale is not used, if we do not use "a" how would we know that it is not "papers" but "a paper"

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