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"She drinks milk before the woman."

Translation:Ólann sí bainne roimh an mbean.

April 30, 2015



Does Eclipsing always take precedent over Lenition? The woman: an bhean; Before the woman: roimh an mbean.


It's because of the preposition + singular definite article combo. You'll even see it with masculine nouns. However, that combo does lenite in Donegal Irish (roimh an bhean). But, basically, it's not 'taking precedence', it's just a different environment that leads to it.


Rather, “However, that combo does lenite in Donegal Irish”. The example, of course, is correct.


Why is there an 'm' before bean? I got this wrong because I didnt know there was one.


I was marked wrong for the below so reported it. I understand the lesson is in urú but shouldn't it be ok to use a Séimhiú in this instance (in the Ulster dialect at least)?

Ólann sí bainne roimh an bhean


How does one pronounce mbean and bhean? Do they sound the same?


I would say mbean as 'man'; and pronounce bhean as 'van' because the bh is said as v.

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