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I would like to see the mother tongue to be included in the profile (and profile picture)

My mother tongue is German and I use Duolingo to learn Spanish, but my problem is that although I am not bad in English I do not always know if a offered translation from Spanish to English is right. The translations sound sometimes very odd. So when I ask a question in the comment section, I think it would be very good for all users to know if someone is a native speaker or not (or which language actually is the mother tongue of a user), I think it would help to respond faster in an appropriate way. Also it would be easier to seek help from native speakers, if I am learning a particular language. What do you think?

December 23, 2012



I agree. This is a really good idea.


Good idea. The weight that learners give to comments naturally depends on their proficiency with the languages being discussed. This could be graded from Native Speaker Very proficient Reasonably proficient Intermediate Beginner

or some scale of this kind. This would be useful to know for both the target language and the source language.

Sorry to complicate the suggestion.


I would argue in favor of keeping things simple. At least I don't trust 100% any opinion besides that of a native (possibly a fluent speaker, if it's a simple matter).


I would keep it simple too, as Tiago_Moita suggested, especially when you look at the tiny image or the name for the first time. In my opinion in this case "less information is more", but I could imagine that the additional information you suggested could be displayed when hovering over the image/name of a user


Very good idea. It would be good to include all languages known and at what fluency.


Yes, Castor had a great suggestion. One way to show a user's native language is to show it in parentheses after the user name. For example, CastorTroy (German).


I like that idea, it's very clean, so everyone would get it right away. At first I had something in mind like a smaller circle in one corner ot the user's picture that displays the country flag, but the more I think about it, the more I like your solution.


Agree. Good one to improve the site and make it better for the next users that will come later of we stop using it or achieve fluency.


I offer you my help, Spanish is my mother tongue.


Thanks, I will keep that offer in mind :). Sadly I can't help you with french, as I don't speak that language very good. But if you ever want to learn German, you can ask me everything :)


It's an excellent idea though I'm curious about how they would make it possible. Will we have to choose from a list of languages what our native language is or just type it in, which would be easier for people who speak lesser known languages (Like Afrikaans in my case).


An excellent idea! I was born and educated in England and I'm using Duolingo to learn French.

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