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  5. "We are global."

"We are global."

Translation:Nós somos globais.

September 18, 2013



Earlier in the lesson , they used mudial to refer to "global "


mundial should mean world or worldwide, rather than global.


A worldwide company and a global company are essentially synonyms in English. At least to me, those two terms would signify exactly the same thing, that the company can and does do business everywhere on Earth.


Worldwide coul be "mundo todo". "Global or globais" aren't so used. Actually they rarely ever are.


I wrote "Nós somos globais", then checked the dictionary hint which said "global", and changed my correct answer to an incorrect one D:


Global is correct, however, "somos" is plural, as should be its modifier.


The hint gives one word: global. You write global, and you get the word wrong. Got to be a wind up.


mundial was the accepted answer a few statements ago, why not here?? confused again


The number of the adjective must match the number of the referent. "mundial" is singular, but "nós" is plural. The plural adjective here would be "mundiais".


To complicate things further, Google Translate uses estar, i.e. "Estamos global."


Is mundial a true synonym for global or does it only mean worldwide?

Would "Nós somos mundial" be either correct or wrong?


"Nós somos mundiais" should also work here.


How do you know when to use global and when mundial since you have told us that they both mean the same thing?


So, I go this right, but the hover hints leave a lot to wonder ... Based on the most likely hover hint, this lesson is teaching use that "we are going global" means the exact same thing as "we are global" in Portuguese. Now, I may be fairly new to hardcore learning of the language, but, I am no spring chicken. I know without a doubt in my mind that, even in portuguese, we are, and we are going to be are NOT said the same way.


Still suggesting mundiais and marking it wrong as of 8/6/21

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