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  5. "Jeg svømmer eller løber."

"Jeg svømmer eller løber."

Translation:I swim or run.

April 30, 2015



only way two ways to commute in Denmark I suppose


under my umbrella Eller eller ay ay ay


swim or run? A pretty nice WET borough where you live in... ;-P


løber is like loopen in dutch and laufen in deutsch?


I don´t know german but in dutch yes, løber can be translated as loopen in most cases, when loopen is used in the sense of running, not sailing.

Løber is used for animal motion : horses, sprinters, Marathon runners and so on. For mechanical sports the word is kører : bikers, pilots... Perhaps there is a specific vocabulary used by experts ; I don´t know, because I am not very versed in sport

for video games, it can be kører or virker (Spillet virker ikke med Windows 10)

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