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Microphone hanging & Skipping lessons

In the past couple weeks during the recorded tests my microphone will hang maybe 10% of the time. I can let it sit for 5 minutes and nothing happens - it doesn't say wrong or anything, just hangs thinking. I figured it was the computer I was using, but it's also happening on a second computer with a different OS, and with different browsers.

I didn't really feel like bothering to figure out - since I thought it was the computer - so I got used to clicking "Can't use microphone right now" to skip those ones, and (if I remembered) turn it back on later - but that's not the point of this post!

The point of this post: I'm testing (I think) for a new microphone use, and now when I click on the "Can't use microphone..." I've noticed it completely skips the entire lesson (notice how many questions it has listed):


I unlawfully got 1 lingot out of it, so... you might want to fix that before it becomes a "trick" to get lingots - also feel free to take 1 away from me.

September 18, 2013



Thanks for letting us know, we'll fix these problems ASAP.


Hello Tony, I have one more idea about lessons with microphone. Turn off repeating phrases during recording. ^^


Hi - My microphone works on my computer. In the lesson I keep getting 'cannot hear or understand'. Is there anything I can do to solve the problem?


I just wanted to add that the same exact thing happened to me this morning. When I clicked "turn off microphone", the lesson was said to be complete, after only three exercises.


I've got the same problem with the microphone sections never getting checked. It's very frustrating to have to restart a lesson because I used all my hearts on skipping speech sections.

UPDATE: It seems to do it with the same sentences. For example, the program never gets around to checking "Cette œuvre est avant tout une poésie."

ANOTHER UPDATE: This doesn't seem to be happening at all with German.

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