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"Han giver min onkel en ansøgning."

Translation:He is giving my uncle an application.

April 30, 2015



As in he wants the uncle to give him a job? Or he is giving the uncle an app for his phone?

[deactivated user]

    The first option. A smartphone app is called en app or en applikation.


    why not a 'application' form


    I did not understand the english translation. In german the translation "Anwendung" is only understandable in a special context, for example in medicine it could be a physiotherapy or so. And we know it also forthe programs of a computer or a smart phone. -- But application for job is absolutely new for me.


    Hi GnterSchap. I'm glad you are making progress in the Danish course and I appreciate it can be difficult to learn via a third language. If you are in doubt about the meaning of an English word, please ask. I or someone else will try their best to give you an answer that makes sense. But please keep your general comments about what the English words would be in German to a minimum. It is not relevant to these sentence discussions.


    'application form' is what any English speaker would say (I don't know about Americans), so why is it marked as incorrect? You would never say 'an application'.

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