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multiple choice questions

I like the variety of the questions very much, but the one kind of question I don't feel I learn much is the multiple chioce. It's either "state-the-obvious" or "spot-the-tiny-difference". The wrong sentences given often don't even make sense, or the word i'm supposed to learn is givven correct in all three but an older one varies. It's just nothing I learn much from.

Since at this point I already know some synonymes, wouldn't it be better to display different sentences where two have the same meaning but with different wordings and one close but wrong? Or maybe "pick out all words for numbers" and use a close one (like nuevo instead of nueve) to keep us attentive? Or demand to pick 1st person singular present out of three with 1. sg preterite and 1. sg imperfect?

This form of exercise could be so much more interesting and challenging, instead of just picking the only sentence that makes any sense.

September 18, 2013

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Agreed. I would miss them as an easy way of picking up some much-needed seconds on timed practice, though :).

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