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"Strengthen skills" is broken

EVERY SINGLE TIME I go to "strengthen skills", be it on the app or on the website, I get the same phrases coming up again and again. I sometimes get the same phrase asked 5 times in a row, and even though I get them all correct, they still appear the next time I "strengthen skills". The suspect phrases are the following: "Merci pour votre cadeau", "C'est un cadeau pour vous", "Son cadeau est une bouteille de vin", "Il perd finalement le procès", "Il perd son procès". Basically, I keep getting asked questions about "le cadeau" and "le procès". It is so frustrating since I know these words better than I know my family and it is preventing me from practicing words that actually need practicing. I would really appreciate if you could look into this. Thanks.

April 30, 2015



My problem is I do "strengthen skills," sometimes with no mistake and the darned thing doesn't turn to gold.


Same! It's driving me mad and beginning to take away all enjoyment of practising French this way. It's so frustrating, and yes, I have tried repeating the same skill - up to 5 times and still not gold!


In French Demonstrative 2 it never gets to the page saying I have strengthened skills, no matter how many times I do the review.


French Demonstrative 3 for me - especially annoying as it only contains 2 lessons so it's not as if I'm getting to practise a range of words and phrases!


I was having this problem too but it seems to be fixed now.


Finally! I gave up and left it for ages and today revisited for one last try and it turned to gold! Phew!! Let's hope it stays that way as I've had enough of celui-ci, celui-là!


I'm having similar problems in German, where it's obsessed with me practicing "das Tor" = "the gate" over and over. The last time I did strengthen skills, it literally asked me this 6 times for 17 questions. I'm also not seeing skill bars strengthen after I practice, so it's very frustrating.


Same here, especially in German.


One work around seems to be to actually pick a skill that you're weak with and hit Strengthen Skill on that skill's page, rather than the Strengthen Skill that shows up on your home page


On Turkish "strengthen skills" has only worked for the beginning of the day (I am on UTC+3 time) for the past few days. Might there be some kind of overloading problem when the US wakes up?


Yes! I was about to post a similar complaint. I have completed the Portuguese tree, so I just use "Strengthen Skills". I get the same words and phrases coming up. I always seem to get the word "Excess" - it almost seems like a joke that this one keeps appearing time and time again!


I keep getting lower scores than I am supposed to get each time I finish a session. only 35 points when I've done 5 strengthen skills :/


So far the problem has only occurred for me on the last portion of the lesson strengthening, that is the 5th bar.


So I've done "strengthen skills" several times over the past few days and I'm glad to report that this has now been fixed. I wish there was some communication from Duolingo regarding the issue but nevertheless I'm very grateful that they have listened to and acted upon my complaint. Thank you!


I think it happens when I skip a day or more. I just have to go back through all the exercises several days in a row to make the badges gold again.


i am am using two separate emails for 2 languages on same chrome--one is acting up (no proper strengthening on timed practices, no progress, no upgrade in skills, etc) the other is working fine--what is solution to repairing this situation. thank you.


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