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"Ordföranden väljs av medlemmarna."

Translation:The chairman is elected by the members.

April 30, 2015



For the English, you can also say "The chairperson is elected by the members." Duolingo does accept this.


What would be the Swedish preposition used for saying 'The chairman is elected from the members'? Is it från?


I would use bland.


Is there no difference between väljs and väljas?


They do mean the same thing, but they serve different grammatical functions.

väljs is the passive present tense of välja, turning jag väljer dig into du väljs av mig.

väljas is the passive infinitive of the same word, which means that it functions in the same way other verbs do in the infinitive - that is, mainly with modal verbs. For instance: du kan väljas av mig = "you can be chosen by me".


Oh thanks, good to know :)


Why does "huset byggs" mean "the house is being built", but "ordföranden väljs" doesn't mean it?


"is elected" and "is being elected" are both accepted. I would imagine that the house sentence works the same way. Since both are grammatical translations, the difference in default translation only lies in what's the most reasonable.


So, the "väljs" version means that the election is currently happening, right ? If it was to say it's a habit, it would have been "Ordföranden är väljad av medlemmarna", right?


We actually use väljs for habitual as well.


Damn. I thought I had finally understand this…

So, isn't the s-passive for ongoing actions, and perifrastic passive for habits and general speaking?


The s-passive denotes action and the perifrastic denotes state. So with habits being actions, you use s-passive for those as well.

  • OS hålls vart fjärde år = The Olympic Games are held every fourth year
  • Sången spelas minst en gång om dagen = The song is played at least once a day
  • Medicinen ska tas klockan tre = The medicine is to be taken at three o'clock

As you can see, the line between once and habitual can be blurry. The medicine example, for instance, could very well feasibly mean either.


Can one say, "The chairman is chosen by the members"?


Thank You for teaching me all these eloquent expressions in English. I thought the course was about Swedish, but so little do I understand.


Ordföranden can be singular or plural? Väljs can kean elected, chosen, or selected?

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