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  5. "I have a bird."

"I have a bird."

Translation:Benim bir kuşum var.

April 30, 2015



"I have a bird." Translation: Benim bir kuşum var.


"I have a bird." --> Benim kuşum var.

Another correct Turkish answer accepted by Duo without using -bir.


Merhaba, MrHilmiNevzat. I am wondering what differences in meaning could result from omitting "Benim" and just saying "(bir) kuşum var." Does including "Benim" mainly add clarity or emphasis to the fact that it is my bird? Teşekkür ederim.


Hello Todd

Benim bir kuşum var. --> I have a bird.

Benim bir kuşum. --> My one bird.

Benim kuşum var. --> I have a bird.

kuşum var. --> I have a bird.

Kuşum. --> My bird.

Thank you.


Doesnt bende mean " me too" or "i also"


As two words, yes. "Ben de".


but in this sentence it means "i have" (bende) not ben de. me too- i also (ben de)


What is bende and how is used


Hi, anghely777. The only form and use I know is this: "ben" + locative suffix → "ben" + "de" → "bende." Just as we can say that people or things are at or in various places, we can use the personal pronouns ben, sen, etc., to say that they are "at" (or with) various people:

The bird is in the tree → Kuş ağaçta.
The bird is "at" (with) me, or "I have the bird" → Kuş bende.
The bird is "at" (with) you, or "You have the bird" → Kuş sende.

I used "at" because it's often used to translate the Turkish locative suffix, and "with" because in English we would say "The bird is with me," not "at me." Note how using "bende" to say that something is "with" me is a bit different in meaning than saying "I have a bird" → "Benim bir kuşum var." With "bende," you're just saying where something is, but with "Benim bir kuşum var," you're saying that the bird is yours, your property.


So why it says "bende"?


Is "ben bir kuşum var" right?.


Hello, ALnourYosi. I don't think so, as your "ben" is missing the "im." Turkish mostly seems to use such possessive constructions to express the English verb "to have": "I have an X" → "Benim bir X'im var" (literally, "My (an) X exists." And actually, we should only use an apostrophe if X is a proper name.) Possessive structures are explained here: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/tr/Possessives/tips-and-notes

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