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"Hun bliver fulgt hjem af drengen."

Translation:She is being followed home by the boy.

April 30, 2015



This reminds me about one joke we used to make to one of my class mates: - [Name] managed to save a girl today. -How comes? -He stopped chasing her. :))


Actually, it means he accompanied her! But that doesn't use a passive in English. There should have been enough context to explain it!


So how do you say "She is being followed home (by a stalker)""


Good question! I had to look it up. "På vej hjem bliver hun forfulgt af en stalker". Apparently "stalker" is also Danish. I never thought about it when I lived in Denmark. Even in Copenhagen and Aarhus I always felt safe walking home alone at night.


"She was accompanied home by the boy" is a better translation

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