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Using Duolingo to subtitle Youtube


This is just a suggestion, but how about using Duolingo users to create subtitles for english videos on Youtube? I've had very bad results with using their automated subtitles and this could prove useful for those of us "training our ears".

See you, and thank you very much for this app, it's incredible!

September 18, 2013



You can try http://www.amara.org/ . It is another service somewhat similar to Duolingo (without the learning part). They have a collaborative subtitle editing program done in a browser. If I am not mistaken, their platform is/was being used to translate TED talks. You can also point it to any YouTube video and start subtitling or translating that. One more thing. For some reason, they apparently do not care about the copyright of the work being translated. Duolingo does.


Nevermind, it's been proposed before.


This is an awesome idea. Google would need to be associated with Duolingo though, thus encapsulating the Duolingo team and the entire system that we all know and love. I'm pretty sure being encapuslated by Google would be awesome, but somehow I get the feeling that it would take away from the community that already exists; like putting a 5-story casino in a small town whose population is close to 3,000 and whose distance to Las Vegas is more than a couple of days away. The marketing team alone would boost the economy of that once small community and dribble down "change" like an erupting volcano that infects and affects everything in its path.


The proposal seems interesting, we can even extend more, for example we can use a youtube video converter of a video from https://en.savefrom.net/1-how-to-download-youtube-video/ and we proceed to transfer and we do it with an editor to upload it in another language, which seems to me my idea.

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