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  5. "We do not have it."

"We do not have it."

Translation:Níl sé againn.

April 30, 2015



Why is it "sé" and not "é"?


Because it's the subject of the Irish sentence, even though it's the object in English.


Thinking about it, the Irish is "It is not with us", so 'it' is the subject and 'we' the object of the pronoun. At least that's what I'm getting from this.


Thanks! That clears it up :)


We would be the subject even if the pronoun were assumed as in Spanish, for example and it would be the object pronoun referring to book. If the structure is so different in Irish, is there a way I can get it into my head and memorize it or is it just a straight idiom?


I was a Spanish and French teacher so I had to know my grammar in all three languages well and even with that background, I find Irish challenging. I love it! It keeps the old brain Sharp! Is there any way to get the skill notes on a cell phone?


We is the subject or more precisely, the subject pronoun which is contained in the conjugation, for lack of a better word, correct? Or is it the subject because book is the antecedent and was therefore the subject in the last sentence? In any of the other Latinate languages I know


An bhfuil:" Níl againn é" ceart go leor i gcomhthéasc seo?

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