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  5. "Tá ceist agam."

" ceist agam."

Translation:I have a question.

May 1, 2015



How come I have been doing duolingo for almost three years and I just accidentally discovered this place to talk about the sentences?


It took me a long time too! Not quite that long. :-) Several months though of being aggravated at zero explanations


Wait for real?


my answer was:I have a query . I was marked incorrect.


Also "query" is not in the list of words, and it's different then "question."


Report it as an error to be corrected when you have the opportunity.


why mot cheist?


Why would it be cheist? What would cause lenition in that case?


Lenition is used to ease the flow of speech. It was originally used when there was a consonant between two vowels, one ending and one beginning a word. as well as as when a consonant was between two vowels within a word. Feminine nouns are lenited after the article "an" because "an" used to be "sinda" when it was shortened to "an" the lenition was retained, so that is why feminine nouns are lenited after "an" Masculine genitive singular and masculine possessive pronoun require lenition. Feminine adjectives & nouns are lenited "ceist"is a feminine noun of the second declension, so why is it not lenited? tá ceist agam.....the consonant c is between two vowels and the word is feminine so why is it not lenited? Is it because it is not genitive? Where did I go wrong?


You have your tenses all mixed up - "Lenition is used to ease the flow of speech"? Is? Was?
"It was originally used when there was a consonant between two vowels". Was originally. Not anymore.

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