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  5. "Yediye yirmi var."

"Yediye yirmi var."

Translation:It is twenty to seven.

May 1, 2015



twenty minutes to seven is the same


i still don't understand the purpose of 'var' in this sentence


It might be a little easier if you think about the English translation as, "there are twenty [minutes] to seven." If you look at it that way, the "var" is roughly equivalent to "there are."


It is simply ... there are (var) 20 minutes to reach 7 o'clock


You can consider " we have 20 minutes time to 7 o'clock " . "Var " refers to this concept.


Why not "It is twenty before seven"? That wording is quite acceptable, here in the Midwest at least.


"It is twenty minutes to seven" did not work.


same question too.


this is a bit outside the lesson, but my work deals in statistics or odds...

if the odds were also 20:7 (for ease of fluency) would they also be yediye yirmi? for english this is also twenty to seven.

or 100:1 birine (?) yüz

i want to practice while working and relatability makes learning easier


Hello Ozlem

Yeni yıllar Mutlu Olsun.

Percentages, statistics & time have close connections. My maths is not that good. Try not to laugh at my answer but you can if you want to. If one hour was expressed as 100% then 1/2 an hour is 50% Three quarters of an hour would be 75% & 15 minutes would be 25% Statistics are gathered where as time is set by the GMT Greenwich Mean Time Observatory. You are on the streets of London conducting a random quota survey. You record on your clip board that 72 random people are learning Turkish on Duo? & 28 people have never heard of Duolingo. Odds are for gamblers. If one hour is 60 minutes divided by 100 = 0.6% x 20 =12% So twenty minutes of 60 minutes =12% Please ridicule this or correct my maths if it is wrong.

My Technical College Maths formula for % moisture content determination of commercial Hardwoods. Wet weight - dry weight x 100 over 1. A sample core of the species of Hardwood is weighed at maximum moisture content in its green condition. Then dried until bone dry & re weighed. Then the formula applied to determine the moisture content of that particular species of Hardwood. The density of any Hardwood is different dependent on growth conditions until maturity & felling. Then it goes off for conversion in its green condition. Density = mass over volume. Mass is measured in kg & you have to calculate the volume in metres cubed. You need to transpose the equation to volume x density to determine the mass in Kg

I may delete this heavy maths & focus on learning Turkish.


Hilmi! Sanada Yeni yıllar mutlu olsun :) Nasılsın dostum?

i loved your explanation, learned a few things i had never thought of also :D

to simplify, for statistics, in english we have 10 : 1 odds. For turkish, the colon (:) is not used, but a "/". so it's "10 / 1" or "on de bir".

this actually makes a lot of sense, as statistics are fractions in essence.

my initial question was not actually about time but stats, as my wandering mind led me to ponder it over. So maybe it doesn't quite belong here, but maybe someone else thinks as I do! xD


Hello Ozlem

I just wanted to speak with you & realised afterwards that some of my maths was wrong (percentage) of 20 minutes. Most of what I spewed out was to try to make you laugh. Anyway some of it I used today at work. A structural concrete column that supports the building has an unknown diameter. A curator asked me how to work it out? So we both measured the circumference with a cloth tailors tape & divided it by 3.142 to give us the diameter of the column in - mm. Now we can draw accurate plans to show positions of showcases in the exhibition space. Sometimes computers cannot provide all the answers. Our 3D design is now contracted out & things go wrong (sometimes) My mind is technical & analytical. I plan with immense detail & follow specifications. My Turkish grammar knowledge was non existent 5 months ago. I posted correct answers & honestly said I cannot explain why my answer is correct. I do lots of homework until my proficiency & confidence improves.
Thank you for replying & we will talk again on a Duo topic soon.

Kind regards.


Neden (var) kulanıyoruz (Kala) kulanmak yalnış mı yoksa o da doğru?



"Yediye yirmi var." Translation: It is twenty to seven.


Neden (var) kulanıyoruz (Kala) kulanmak yalnış mı yoksa o da doğru?

Evet - ikisi de doğru. Lütfen hep cevapları okuyun.

Yes - both are correct. Please read all the topic answers.

Teşekkür ederim.




is this a real Turkish sentence ? i mean Turkish people say this when they want to say time is 6:40 ?

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