"Yediye yirmi var."

Translation:It is twenty to seven.

May 1, 2015

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twenty minutes to seven is the same


i still don't understand the purpose of 'var' in this sentence


It might be a little easier if you think about the English translation as, "there are twenty [minutes] to seven." If you look at it that way, the "var" is roughly equivalent to "there are."


♡ Numbers from 1 to 29 + quarters (çeyrek): takes geçe/geçiyor (past) or var/kala (to). + no.s: 1 to 29 affect the main hour with suffix additions.

It is like Y after/to X, when y is the minutes or quarter and x is the hour, and since Y is dependent on X we will put the suffix link indicator to x

♡♡ Numbers 31 to 59 + half (buçuk): doesnt need any past/to indicators. + doesnt affect the main hour with suffix additions.

Its like saying: X and Y when x is the hour and y is the minutes (31 to 59) or half, and both are independent.

I dont know if I made things more complicated or not!!

♡♡♡ examples: It is five past one = biri beş geçiyor // it is five to one = bire beş var // at five past one = biri beş geçe // at five to one = bire beş kala /◇◇◇/ it is one and a half = bir buçuk // it is one and fifty five = bir elli beş // at one and a half = bir buçukta // at one and fifty five = bir elli beşte

mmm, hoping İ did it right up there, İyi şanslar


It is simply ... there are (var) 20 minutes to reach 7 o'clock


{to (dative) 7 (o'clock) 20 (minutes) exist


You can consider " we have 20 minutes time to 7 o'clock " . "Var " refers to this concept.


Why not "It is twenty before seven"? That wording is quite acceptable, here in the Midwest at least.


Does it mean it is 7:20?


No--it would be 6:40 (or 18:40 if we're talking about the 24-hour version).


It is : There is still be 20 minutes to reach 7 o'clock


Can you also say yediye yirmi kala var? Or shouldnt you use var after kala?


We never need both "var" and "kala". "var" is for telling current time; "kala" is for talking about a future time:

  • Yediye yirmi var = It's 20 to 7 (now)
  • Yediye yirmi kala = At 20 to 7 (future)

Very long tips and notes for this skill, so it's easy to mix things up. But just in case anyone missed them: Telling Time


"It is twenty minutes to seven" did not work.


same question too.


Your phrase would be "Yediye yirmi dakika var".


this is a bit outside the lesson, but my work deals in statistics or odds...

if the odds were also 20:7 (for ease of fluency) would they also be yediye yirmi? for english this is also twenty to seven.

or 100:1 birine (?) yüz

i want to practice while working and relatability makes learning easier


Neden (var) kulanıyoruz (Kala) kulanmak yalnış mı yoksa o da doğru?



"Yediye yirmi var." Translation: It is twenty to seven.


Neden (var) kulanıyoruz (Kala) kulanmak yalnış mı yoksa o da doğru?

Evet - ikisi de doğru. Lütfen hep cevapları okuyun.

Yes - both are correct. Please read all the topic answers.

Teşekkür ederim.


is this a real Turkish sentence ? i mean Turkish people say this when they want to say time is 6:40 ?


What case is it? Dative?


What kind of a sentence is it


Yirmi رو از ما قبول نمیکند

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