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desole / desolee

Quite often I discover that in the 'chose from 1-3' questions, I will select desole when appropriate, and when I hit check it says I missed desolee. So next time I hit desolee and desole and it says that desolee is incorrect. What's up with that? Anyone who knows can answer.

September 18, 2013



If it's masculine, it should be "désolé". if it's feminine, it should be "désolée". You add an "e" to the end of adjectives that end with "é" when they agree with a feminine noun. So while you say, "Il est désolé", you have to say "Elle est désolée". If it was plural, like saying a group of women are sorry, you would have to add an "s" to agree with the plural form, like "Elles sont désolées".


Oh, thanks YoupiYoupi123! that makes sense. Adding an e is a common French way to make it feminine.

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