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"E se ele não trouxesse a arma?"

Translation:And what if he had not brought the gun?

September 18, 2013



Sometimes I wonder what exactly we're translating...


"What if if he didn't bring the gun?" really?


There's an extra if in your sentence.


Why gun, is weapon not a correct translation?


The female voice has an incorrect pronunciation of the word trouxesse. The stressed vowel has the open e, as in the word bed (/bɛd/) of English, but in the audio it has the closed e, as in the word cake (/keɪk/), but just the first part of the diphthong.

The word trouxesse is pronounced "trouxésse" (/tɾow'sɛ.si/).


Isn't it a voiced 'x' - /z/? (/tɾow'zɛ.si/)


No. The "x" in Portuguese may have 4 different pronunciations depending on the word and position within a word: /ʃ/, /s/, /z/ and /ks/.

In the word "trouxesse", it is pronounced as an "s".


In speech, it is possible to drop the "what" from this question particularly if it is said with a rising intonation at the end. And that would be a more literal translation which duo would normally accept - not this time though. (I am not sure about it in Australian English however, in which every sentence sounds like a question to this UK English speaker!

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