"I would like to buy bread and some cheese."

Translation:Ekmek ve biraz peynir almak istiyorum.

May 1, 2015

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Why doesn't Ekmek carry the accusative here? I thought when it was so far from the verb it had to be declined, no matter how indefinite it is?


I haven't heard of that rule before.

Bread isn't in accusative case because you're not referring to a specific bread, you just want to buy any bread available. Does this clarify it for you?


Perhaps a dumb question, but it's been bumping around my head for ages: when an ordinary Turkish person goes to the store to get bread for dinner, what kind would he or she be thinking of typically? Would it be flat pita bread or nan? Would it resemble a baguette; or would it even be the sliced stuff so prevalent in North America. When I googled ekmek one day, the first images were those of baguettes and baguette-shaped rolls; but who knows whether whether to trust that?


While in Turkey, it has been my experience that people generally buy their bread fresh daily from a local bakery. There are a variety of types (generally a mixture of white and wheat flour). Eğ. "tam buğuday" = "whole wheat". Depending on the bakery (firin - a bakery just for bread), bread can be bought pre-sliced or you can ask to have it sliced. (If bought fresh, the loaf is usually still too warm to slice so people tend to take it home and slice it as needed). Turkish "simit" is a unique type of bread (sort of a cross between a large pretezel and a bagel) found throughout Turkey. It is best eaten when fresh out of the oven and tastes delicious! Oh how I miss Turkish beyaz peynir and simit for breakfast!


Thanks a lot for the quick answer! :) Unluckily I am still confused because in a different sentence I missed the accusative on a non specific object, and it was wrong. The answer was the rule I mentioned above.


Can you show me that sentence so that I know what you mean?


that answer is not quite correct - you CANNOT place an indefinite object before locative (OR only place a definite object before a locative)


Çok teşekkür ederim!


Why can't i use Ben in front of that sentence. It marked it wrong.
Ben ekmek ve biraz penir almak istiyorum is what I wrote.


Because it's too formal


Ekmek ve biraz peynir almak isterim, was not accepted although it's right too.


Why won't it accept birazcik peynir ;_;


Peki "i would like" anlamı ben isterdim değilmi yoksa benmi yanlış biliyorum

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