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Isn't something missing in the aorist lesson?

Merhabalar! The lesson on the aorist is very good, but it seems to be missing any discussion of what one does when a verb root has more than one syllable and ends in a consonant. (Use -ır, -ir, -ur, -ür. Yes?) Does this come in a later lesson?

May 1, 2015



For vowel harmony you always only check the LAST vowel in a word. This is not only for aorist, it is true for any suffix


Sorry, but that wasn't my question. Perhaps I put it badly. I meant to be asking about the third prong of forming the aorist:

1) A verb whose stem ends in a vowel takes merely r before the personal suffix.

2) A monosyllabic verb stem ending in a consonant takes -ar or -er and then the personal suffix. Unless, of course, the monosyllabic verb stem belongs to one of the 13 exception verbs.

3) A polysyllabic verb stem ending in a consonant takes -ır, -ir, -ur or -ür before the personal suffix.

This third prong seems to be completely missing from the aorist lesson on Duolingo. Does it appear in some later lesson? Because there are verbs in the exercises that would follow this rule.


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