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"Hendes eksistens er nødvendig, for jeg kan ikke leve uden hende."

Translation:Her existence is necessary, because I can't live without her.

May 1, 2015



I can't live if living is without you.


Its not fair to get downvoted for quoting Air Supply, upvote!

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It's also from Harry Nilsson Without You.


yeah why not fordi?? :P


"Fordi" is fine, as long as you remember the adverb and the verb need to switch places afterwards so it would be "Hendes eksistens er nødvendig fordi jeg ikke kan leve uden hende". This inversion doesn't happen after "for".


Thank you for this comment. It is very helpful - I had not realized why sometimes there were inversions and thus always got it wrong.


In English, this use of commas sounds unnatural. I remember that Danish comma use is different than English comma use, though. I'm just saying that the preferred translation should have one less comma than it now does.


Why not as i cannot live without her


So "fordi" and "for" are actually synonyms in this kind of sentence. The only difference is that "for" is followed by a (normal) main clause while "fordi" is followed by a subordinate clause causing an inversion of "ikke" and "kan" ("Hendes eksistens er nødvendig, fordi jeg IKKE KAN leve uden hende". In German there are similar, although not identical changes in syntax, so if you know German "fordi" is "weil" and "for" is "denn".


Is there anything wrong with "... since I cannot live without her"? I received an error for "since".


probably because you can't translate "for" to "since". since is sinde. it's correct sentence but not correct translation, I guess. I put "....for I cannot live...." and it worked just fine.


A little correction: 'since' does not mean 'sinde' but means 'siden'.


I wrote essential instead of necessary but it wasn't accepted, is there a big difference between them?


You are about to get dumped son


The sense is clear, the English translation is ridiculous... she has to "exist" because I cannot live without her??? COME ON!

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