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"We are running towards the hospital."

Translation:Hastaneye doğru koşuyoruz.

May 1, 2015



What about "doğru"? I think we haven't met it before. I see it is related to "right" but I haven't seen it translate as towards. Furthermore, doesn't the dative case already imply the notion of "towardness"?


'-e doğru' means 'towards'. Without '-e doğru' it would be 'We are running to the hospital.', which is not the same as running towards the hospital. When you run towards the hospital, that does not necessarily mean that your target destination is the hospital. It just means that you are running in the direction of the hospital. Maybe you are just jogging and your route is in that direction, for instance.


Doğru is a homonym word that can mean "right, correct, true" and "towards".

The dative case does imply that, however there's still a difference. Without "doğru" the sentence would be "we're running to the hospital" rather than "we're running towards the hospital".


Thanks Emel and LadyNurington, the difference is clear indeed, I am not sure why I got confused in the first place :)


So it must be after the noun?


Yes, it is a "postposition" :)


Ah, bloody pesky postpositions :) So these are literally words which describe 'position' and they are after (post) the noun. So were we would say "in the cup" Turkish says, "the cup's inside". Is that right?


Yep! It is like a "pre"position, only it comes after :)


Sure, I heard of prepositions, even used the word preposition, but never clicked that it was a word, coming at the front, which described position. On this course I'm learning a lot about English. :)


GordonRobb, have a look here, about propositions and posposition in English grammar, very clear: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Preposition_and_postposition#Classification_by_position


Gordon: Prepositions do not necessarily "describe position". (Some of them do, of course.) The "-position" part of "preposition" only refers to the position of this word in the sentence i.e. it stands BEFORE the noun.


Why it'snot koşuyoruz doğru hastane" ?


Because the verb goes last in Turkish.

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