日本語→英語コース 4月の進捗 / Progress of our course in April

[English following the Japanese text]

Guten Tag(こんにちは)、ドイツのベルリンからお送りします。昨日4月30日にここで「Duolingo インキュベーター・サミット(Duolingo Incubator Summit)」が開催されました。インキュベーター はボランティアがコースの作成や管理をするためのシステムであり、本コースも2013年10月にボランティアスタッフの手で作成が始まり、2014年3月にβ(ベータ)版として公開されています。インキュベーターで様々な言語を教えるボランティアが世界中からこのサミットに集い、Duolingo 本社のスタッフと共に様々なノウハウを交換しました。私も今回の経験を活かして本コースの質をさらに高めるよう努力したいと思います。



Guten Tag, greetings from Berlin, Germany. The Duolingo Incubator Summit was held yesterday (30th April) here. The Incubator is a platform for volunteers to contribute in creating and managing language courses; contributors began creating the EN <- JP course in October 2013 and it launched as beta in March 2014. Contributors for various languages gathered from all over the world and exchanged ideas together with the staffs from Duolingo. I would like to feedback my experience to improve this course.

This month we dealt with thousands of reports and fixed more than 2,000 sentences. Currently, we are concentrating on lessons at the top of the tree, which might be irritating for those of you in the latter half of our course. We are doing it one by one; we beg for your patience and please do not write your reports on the discussion board.

By the way, 30th of April saw another milestone in the EN <- JP incubator course.

We're under 3!



The number of reports per 100 active users has, for the first time in the history of our course, fallen below 3. If our course becomes stable enough to maintain this level for some amount of time, we will graduate the beta, to hatch in the true sense.

Of course, this is only the end of the beginning. Our work in the Incubator shall continue.

May 1, 2015



May 5, 2015


May 14, 2015