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"I am telling you this one more time."

Translation:Sana bunu bir kere daha söylüyorum.

May 1, 2015



Usually duolingo is very progressive and helps you understand what's going on, even without the grammar explanations (I'm using it 100% on android). This is why I use it and love it. But that sentence? Out of nowhere and immediately asking for full Turkish typing? No explanation on what I do wrong and the same exercise again and again until I write it the way it wants me to? Please enrich the possible translations for this one (various synonyms and word ordering options?) and place it elsewhere or at least introduce it more progressively in the lesson. Thanks a lot.


i am a native speaker, 'bunu sana bir kez daha söylüyorum' doğru bir çeviri


Please report translation disputes and suggestions rather than writing them here, thanks.


how to report my lady?


çok teşekkür ederim selcen


So 'Ben bunu sana' is an incorrect order? Is the correct sentence structure subject, object, indirect object?


Yes, it had me completey lost too.


Would be 'ben bunu sana bir defa daha soylüyorum' also correct?

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