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"Maybe the prime minister could have explained this at the hospital."

Translation:Başbakan belki bunu hastanede açıklayabilirdi.

May 1, 2015



Could someone explain what is wrong in the following sentence: Belki basbakan hastanede bunu anlatabildi? Words order? Anlatabildi? Both? I'd like to know.


I'd say it is the word, it should be anlatabilirdi in your sentence. It is constructed as:

anlat (verb root) + (y)a (possibility suffix aka 'can') + bilir (from bilmek) + di (past tense)

The word order is fine, though the stress of your sentence is different. Keep in mind though that anlatmak actually means to tell/to narrate something however it is often colloquially used like açıklamak/explain.

Hope that helps :)


Why do we use açıklayabilirdi instead of açıklayabildi?


Why does bunu have to come in front of hastanede?


I wrote exactly the same as the accepted answer, but swapped the verb wit alatabilirdi, which I thought would be accepted. It wasn't.



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