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"He places the orange on the desk."

Translation:Han lægger appelsinen på skrivebordet.

May 1, 2015



why not "sætter"?


I'm also curious why "sætter" is wrong here. From the clearest explanation I can find, it seems a good fit. Or is there something to do with the shape of an orange that complicates this?


Why is placerer wrong?


I think placerer would also work. Maybe they didn't accept it because they want to teach people the differences between at stille, at lægge, and at sætte.


So stille is also wrong here?


yes, "at stille" is to stand something. You would "stille en vase på bordet" - or a plate, but it doesn't work so well for an orange!


What's the difference between lægger and putter in this context?


Can someone explain the difference in use between putter, lægger, and placer?


No, it's impossible.


Oh, it is.

  • stille is to place something higher than wide somewhere, e.g. a vase or a floor lamp or a child, it's the act of making something stand somewhere
  • lægge is to place something wider than high somewhere, e.g. a book, it's the act of making something lie somewhere
  • placere is more general to put something somewhere


Whatever verb you chose for "puts"... It's not that one.


What is the difference between "lægger and sætter" in Danish


To me “lægge” implies that the object being put on the table was flat. “Sætte” which I wrote and which was rejected, does not imply a shape. “Sætte” should be accepted


I think the explanations from RyagonIV on the discussion below help explain the differences. Just scroll to their comments: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/14196927/You-are-putting-the-food-in-the-kitchen


This is helpful! Although it doesn't explain why only lægger is accepted...


Why "lægger" and not "sætter"? I thought "lægger" implied to lay horizontally which doesn't describe how you put an orange on the desk.


Both placerer and lægger mean to place or placing; I believe the reason that the use of placer in this case is wrong is that it should be på not til skrivebordet. They ave us a wring preposition to distinguish between the use of 2 correct verbs.

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