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Duolingo Level 25+?


Is there a plan in place to eventually make the levels go higher than 25? I'm not complaining, I'm really only very grateful that it is all free, even so it would be a lot of fun to be able to see the numbers go up further.

I'm also curious if there is going to be an introduction to more words. Is Duolingo meaning to only provide the basics and practice for the basics, and not help with fluency?

For instance, I learned a lot of animals names, but I don't know 'all' the animals. I'd like to know how to say flamingo in spanish, and more adjectives and verbs as well.

Are there future plans to expand the vocabulary library?

Thanks for the great language learning tool here. I love it!!

3 years ago

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1) We don't know (the community).

2) Yes, for now at least. You go elsewhere for more vocabulary in specialized areas.

3) Trees are expanded on occasion, French just was, Irish and German in the future, but that's all I know.

3 years ago

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