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"Twaalf bruine vogels"

Translation:Twelve brown birds

3 years ago



En een partijs in een perenboom!

3 years ago

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A partridge is called patrijs in Dutch not partijs.

3 years ago


Twaalf bruine vogels Elf honden slaapen Tien jongens eten Negen roze schaapen Acht oranje vrouwen... Zeven Belgiƫs rennen

2 years ago

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Is there the same rule in Dutch as in English as to when you write numbers out and when you just use the number (and I can't remember the specifics of the rule for English at the moment, isn't is something under 100).

2 years ago


I have no idea about Dutch but there is no such rule in English - it's basically a stylistic choice and varies greatly. For example, Wikipedia advocates that 0-9 should be written as words, that any number expressible as one or two words can be either and that anything else should use numerals.

2 years ago