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"Sólo he ganado por unos segundos."

Translation:I have only won by a few seconds.

September 19, 2013



Don't see why por can't be translated as for.


Context. It's not literally wrong, but it would be really weird to express that way in a manner that was ambiguous with a much-more-likely meaning. It's like the jokes that comedians make, where they say something for which the obvious interpretation is a dirty double entendre, and then pretend to be surprised that the audience hears it that way, because there's a less-likely "clean" interpretation.


Is there a reason "I have won only by a few seconds" is wrong?


Not that I can see!


It's maybe not 100% wrong, but it's definitely not ideal. If you wanted to say, "I have won by only a few seconds," or "only by a few seconds", it would be much better to say, "He ganado por sólo unos segundos," or, "por pocos segundos", or something like that.


The usual place for 'only' is before the participle ('won'), so I suppose DL is going for that.


Sólo goes immediately before the thing it applies to; solamente modifies the entire clause it sits within, and is more ambiguous. If solamente were used, it would be fine to interpret the Spanish sentence as either English version. With sólo, not so much.


Because sólo binds tightly to the word to its right. See longer discussion here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/380838


I checked on SpanishDict and got "Only I have won in a few seconds." and "I've only won by a few seconds". Are both correct?


How can I say although it's a special occasion: "I've only won for a few seconds" (Like let's assume there is a game that there is always a winner and you are the winner as long as you are the best player or something).


This is what I wrote. It is a perfectly acceptable translation without any context. Flagged it


Although the right answer was, "I only won by a few seconds.", I was wondering how you say, "I have only gained a few seconds"? This is incidentally what I put and got wrong, but it does beg the question.


"I have only gained a few secunds" would be "Solo he ganado unos segundos".


I am not doing this to learn English DL If the translation is valid please accept it


Is "I have only won by some seconds" wrong?

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