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"Meu amigo deixa o filho dela correr."

Translation:My friend lets her son run.

September 19, 2013



The translation is also wrong. "My friend lets his son run"... o filho dela does not mean "his".


You are perfectly right! "Dela"can by no means be translated as "his"!


That is a very bad example for beginning students. It is needlessly confusing.


Shouldn't that be "Minha amiga deixa..." since the son is "dela"? Or do people regularly use "amigo" in a gender-neutral manner?


Yes, sometimes we use the neutral form (meu melhor amigo é a Ana), but it does not sound good portuguese. But it can be another person's child, can't it?


It sounds not natural in Brazilian Portuguese. The correct is: "Minha amiga deixa o filho dela correr". Or better so: "Minha amiga deixa seu filho correr" ("filho dela" seems to be redundant, so, changes to "seu filho") .


Thanks. And the second change makes sense as well in this context. Unless @Paulenrique is right and it's referring to two different people, a male friend and a different woman who has a son.


Surely it should still be 'her' son.


No, amigo-dele; amiga-dela. Unless she is talking about some other womans son.Without that context it is a very strange sentence.

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