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  5. "Nous sommes hors de nous."

"Nous sommes hors de nous."

Translation:We are beside ourselves.

December 23, 2012



I don't know for English but in French it means that we are extremely angry.


In English, it can mean an excess of an emotion if modified, e.g. "beside oneself with rage", "beside oneself with joy", "beside oneself with grief", et cetera. But yeah, "beside oneself" just means angry.


The abbreviated form "beside oneself" doesn't only mean angry. It can also be used in relation to any extremely strong emotion - grief, fear, joy, anger - such as you used in your example e.g. "Everyone wept but Jo was beside herself, wailing and keening."


is this commonly said?


I can't believe that no one else has heard this expression before lol


There's literally the exact same expression in German (my native language), but I didn't know how to translate it into English, so I used the translation for "hors de" suggested by Duolingo (in the drop-down list). Of couse it's wrong that way, but it sucks that I lost a heart for it even though it was the first time that I came across this expression on this site. I think Duolingo should work on their ways to introduce idioms.


We are beside ourselves is a common expression in English as well......


maybe it means something like- we are out of our minds.. (we are out of(beside) ourselves)


it's really annoying because the correct translation(s) weren't given. they were just random words that had nothing to do with the sense of the sentence :/


if i remember well, <elle est hors d'elle> means< she is mad>. here, <nous sommes hors de nous>, same structure, so i typed we are mad...but duolingo says i am wrong....je suis hors de moi ==!


"We are apart from ourselves" why wouldn't this work? Its a literal translation but the hint said apart was one of the translations of hors

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