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"Chonaic an taispeántas agus thaitin liom."

Translation:I saw the performance and I enjoyed it.

May 1, 2015



Can someone please enlighten on why the "t" in the middle of thaitin got lenited in the audio? Any other word examples since this is the only one I ever encountered in many years of study? Was the speaker perhaps nearsighted and took it for an "f" that I know is lenited in some words (ex: luífidh, fut of luigh)


The pronunciation of taitin as taithin is standard in some dialects. Alternative historical spellings of taitin have included taithin.


Shouldn't "it pleased me" be accepted?


Why isn't "exhibition" valid?


If “exhibition” wasn’t accepted for taispeántas, be sure to report it when opportunity allows so that it will become accepted.


Taispeantas... can it also be translated as "show"?


Could 'taispeántas' also mean 'display'?


Shouldn't "...and I liked it. also be accepted.


I wrote 'I liked it' too.


I am doing these lessons on the computer at the moment. It is slightly irritating to click on the little speaker icon every time, on the off chance there's audio. Ná bí ag clamhsán. Tá ceann ann anois.


When you are doing the exercises, all Irish to English exercises display a speaker icon, whether there is audio available or not, because Duolingo uses the same web template for all learned languages, and the default configuration expects a voice synthesizer to read every exercise, and doesn't check if there is audio available (it did check at one time).
(EDIT: Duolingo has fixed this - the site now checks if there is audio before showing the icon).

If there is audio available, the audio will play automatically when the exercise loads (unless you turned that option off). If the audio doesn't play automatically, you're wasting your time clicking on the speaker icon, because there isn't any audio to play.

On the sentence discussion pages like this one, the icon will be displayed if there is audio available, even for English to Irish exercises. The presence or absence of the speaker icon on the discussion pages has nothing to do with the icon being displayed during the exercises.


What is wrong with " I saw the show and I liked it ".

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