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"Your dog will lie on the ground."

Translation:Luífidh do mhadra ar an talamh.

May 1, 2015



I had to look up why it isn't "ar an dtalamh" so to save future people the effort:

  1. Preposition + Definite Article

Eclipsis occurs after certain prepositions where they are joined by the singular definite article an: .... Examples:

<pre>ar an mbord on the table thar an bhfuinneog over the window </pre>

An exception to this rule is that the word should not be eclipsed if it begins with d or t.


<pre>ag an doras at the door roimh an teach before the house </pre>



It does eclipse in Munster.


Exceptions to the exceptions? :)


Or just a dialect without the exceptions?


I guess you could look at it that way, I think I prefer to be contrarian.


Do you mean eclipse?


That's the second time I've done that.


Hmmm. I would have though "luigh" to be second conjugation (as other verbs ending in -igh have been so far), as it seems to have more than one syllable. Is this an exception?


Duolingo's description of 1st conjugation verbs is simplified. luigh is a monosyllabic verb and it is a 1st conjugation verb, except in the present tense, where the "long i" sound of igh is preserved in the luíonn construction. (Monosyllabic verbs ending in long vowels+igh such as dóigh, brúigh, clóigh, léigh or téigh get "normal" 1st conjugation endings in the present tense).

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