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  5. "Neden bu kadar uzaktasın?"

"Neden bu kadar uzaktasın?"

Translation:Why are you so far away?

May 1, 2015



sorry what does bu kadar mean in this sentence?


It literally means "this amount" but it would equate to "so" in the English. :)


Why "uzakTAsın" and not "uzaksın"?


This implies location. "uzak" just means "far" or a "far away place." "uzakta" implies that you are located far away, which is what this sentence means :)


pidzama : thanks for referral to such a great song!


Why are you this far away?


If you are asking for an alternative answer, then report it rather than writing here. If you have a question about this sentence, write here clearly, otherwise it does not make sense.


I did report it at the same time. I thought it was quite obvious why I wrote it, sorry. But here it is, elaborated. All over the course, we are strictly required to translate "bu" as "this", nothing else. Yet, here, when I translated "bu kadar" as "this (far away)", it says no, it should be "that (far away)". So, the question is: why? My fellow student below is asking the same: "Bu nasıl that oldu". And the other question is: is "this far away" wrong or does it just need to be added as an another translation? So, these were my implied questions. Thank you.

One more thing: I mostly use duolingo on my tablet and lately I find that, in this (Turkish) course, the translations are mostly missing in the discussion screen, and in many other places. So I don't actually know what the default translation is. Now, checking in here on the desktop site, I see above that the "official" translation is "Why are you SO far away". That is, of course, the preferred translation, and much better than either "this" or "that". But I had been penalized several times for being the tiniest bit liberal with my translations. Like translating "bu" into "it". I did not want to take that risk here. Looks like I learned my lesson too well. :)

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