Songs to remember German!

When I took German in high school, my teacher made up some songs to help her students remember grammar and other things. I thought I'd write them down here in case they help other people. I know the conjugation song was especially helpful with learning how to conjugate "to be" in other languages besides German, like Dutch and Icelandic. Enjoy!

Conjugating "to be" - The tune is the alphabet song (

ich bin, du bist, er sie es ist, wir sind, ihr seid, sie sind, Sie sind. I can conjugate "to be" now. Tra la la la la!

Prepositions - The tune is the Gilligan's Island theme song (

außer, aus, bei, mit, nach, von, zu, gegenüber, seit. These are the dative prepositions we must study tonight. ohne, um, durch, für, genen, Accusative these are. The rest are determined if there's action or none. Grammar is not hard! Grammar is not hard!

May 2, 2015



May 2, 2015


May 2, 2015
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