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  5. "I read the historical book."

"I read the historical book."

Translation:Léigh mé an leabhar stairiúil.

May 2, 2015



Go dtachta an diabhal thú, a Bhéarla! I get it wrong because I can't tell if I'm being asked to translate into present tense or past tense since the spelling doesn't change in English.


Given that the tense of “read” in this sentence is ambiguous, both léim and léigh mé should be accepted in Irish. Report it as an error if both of them aren’t being accepted.


It is accepted now.


In English shouldn't it read, "I read the history book."? To my thinking it is not an historical book unless it is a book that has been a part of history.


“I read the historical book” is perfectly valid; a historical book (a book that was written in the distant past, such as Claudius Ptolemy’s Almagest ) can be read despite it not being a history book (a book on history).


Possibly it is a historical novel


I was thinking that too - like Wolf Hall or something. Is there a differentiation between historic and historical? As gaeilge, I mean.


I can't discern a difference myself between the two concepts in Irish:

"stairiúil, a2. Historic(al); storied. Cuntas <sub>, historical account. Áit </sub>, historic place" https://www.teanglann.ie/en/fgb/stairiúil

"The Foclóir Stairiúil na Nua-Ghaeilge is a project that was started in 1976 with the aim of creating a historical dictionary for Modern Irish." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foclóir_Stairiúil_na_Nua-Ghaeilge

"CLARE COUNTY Council’s visitor information boards in Ennistymon, erected with the support of Fáilte Ireland, proclaim it as 'Baile Stairiúil/Historic Town'...." https://www.irishtimes.com/news/ennistymon-s-historical-blake-s-corner-faces-battle-to-avoid-demolition-1.441507?mode=amp

"ORIENTATION MAP (A4) Killarney. CILL ÁIRNE. BAILE STAIRIÚIL. Historic Town ... Slí Siúil Stairiúil Tras 1 Historical Walking Trail Route" https://failtecdn.azureedge.net/tcs/media/47736594-77ce-4922-b204-d166adf7563a_85656.pdf&ved=2ahUKEwiYjvyy2pnjAhXvRRUIHadBAus4ChAWMA56BAgGEAE&usg=AOvVaw13MpSRKHEwi4OGcq0CqtDA

But I suppose that if you intend to convey that the event is important (i.e. historic), then sometimes to be clear you might just have to specify in Irish that this is/was an important event?


Is this a trap - we can't tell whether "read" is past or present tense

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