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"The mouse steals my brother's rice pudding."

Translation:Musen stjæler min brors risengrød.

May 2, 2015



Why is risalamande an option on the hover over if it is not accepted?


Because they seem to have gotten the translations of risengrød and risalamande thorougly confused and mixed in this lesson.

Risengrød is not rice pudding, and translating it as such should absolutely be wrong. It is rice porridge, plain and simple.

Risalamande is a dessert made from risengrød, and there's no real translation that I know of other than calling it by its name: risalamande. Some choose to call it rice pudding, but I think that's misleading, but at least its not quite as wrong as it is for risengrød.


Yes, same question


This whole lesson on Danish food is a complete and utter waste of time. It really pains me that it is even here. Great to have a passing idea about some Danish dishes, but definitely should not have these half-arsed semi translations which turn out to be wrong anyway! Administrators - please remove from the list of lessons - if you want to keep it, add it as an additional unit you can unlock, but don't stop people progressing because of it, please.

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