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  5. "I gatti mangiano i pesci."

"I gatti mangiano i pesci."

Translation:The cats eat the fish.

December 23, 2012



Doesn't pesci mean "fishes"?..... "So the cats eats the fishes"?


In English the plural of fish is fish. ( Edit: alvaro1944 has a good point. "fishes" can sometimes also be used for the plural, but "eats" is not correct for plural. Oddly, the plural verb form is "eat" without the s. "fish" is still the most commonly used for plural as well as for singular.)


To allintolearning: duolingo accepted the form "fishES" (plural) in my answer, because, as I think, it is the only way to mean that, in the present situation, the cats eat more than ONE fish. By the way, The Cambridge International Dictionary of English has that plural form. I hope I have helped. Greetings. December 17, 2015.


sorry, the plural of fish is fish


And would it be so wrong to say "i gatti mangiano il pesce"


I guess that would be accurate if the cats were eating a (single) fish


They way she talks you cant tell between i and il


If you were translating from English "fish", both singular and plural Italian forms should be accepted. Above we have the Italian plural being translated into English.


don´t understand why it is i gatti, if it should be le gatte since gatte is femenine right?


Gatte is used when you know all of the cats are girl cats.People use I Gatti when they don't know the gender of the cats or theres both girl cats and boy cats eating fish. I think this is correct anyways im still learning so don't place all of your trust on me. =D Spero che questo ti aiuta!


I agree with you. I think that this is the same as uomini (men) and uomini (people).


There are a bunch of tomcats eating these fish.


I got confused. Is "Le gatte" right or "I gatti"?


Both are correct if you try to translate the English sentence:
"The cats eat the fish."
As it does not tell you if the cats are comprised of a single gender group
(and if so, are they male or female) or a mixed group.
Though not very common, one could use the (English) gender specific words for cat:

  • [IT] Il Gatto - [EN] The tomcat. (Male cat, singular)
  • [IT] I gatti - [EN] The tomcats. (Male cats, plural)
  • [IT] La gatta - [EN] The molly. (Female cat, singular)
  • [IT] Le gatte - [EN] The mollies. (Female cats, plural)

From this, you can understand that cat in Italian, comes with specifying the gender and singular\plural.
I am unaware of an Italian gender neutral word for cat as in English.
Most animal words in Italian specify the animal's gender.

You have some cases like Tiger, where the word still has a gender, but not necessarily that of the animal in question.
The tiger = La tigre.
But what if the tiger is a male tiger?
In that case you'd have to say: "La tigre maschio".


This is the first time I've been tricked by the robo-voice. This honestly sounded like a question.


Why is there a word for gatta/gatte and gatto/gatti? Is this the same for all animals? there is a form for female/male of all animals?


I'm still learning italian, but I'm a native Spanish speaker, and it seems to be fairly similar. If it is as in spanish, then YES all animals have a masculine and feminine form, and the masculine is used as default, when you don't know the sex, or if its a mixed group.


Both in Italian and in Hebrew (which I see you learn), animals have singular\plural male\female words. BTW, cats also have sex-specific words in English, albeit less commonly used: cat\cats (no specific sex indicated), tomcat\tomcats (male), Molly\Mollies (female).


How do we know whether the cats are eating more than one fish if the task is to translate the English into Italian. “The cats eat the fish.” could be that the cats are eating one fish(il pesce) or more than one fish (i pesci). Fish can be singular or plural in English. True story: The other day while cleaning fish outside, one fish fell on the ground. And guess what. I let “the cats eat the fish” hence: “I gatti mangiano il pesce.”


Why do they sound like pesce not pesci? Should be and iiii when he says pesciiiiiii


I am annoyed that sometimes the speakers, even in slow motion, sound different than what is actually said!!! Ugh!!!


I'm certain foreigners would think you pronounce english faultlessly lol


This is driving me mad. I answer singular the answer is multiple. I answer multiple the answer is singular! Law of averages says i should get it right eventually !


To me it sounded like gattE


The audio is indistinct. I hear il pesce


Thus traslater does not distinguish between i and il. Ive lost many heart points over that


There is no option "pesce" only "shark"

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